The jefersonian era of contradiction essay

Jeffersonian Ideology A marble mosaic of Greek goddess Minerva in the Library of Congress symbolizes the preservation of civilization as well as the promotion of the arts and sciences. Jefferson's lasting significance in American history stems from his remarkably varied talents.

The jefersonian era of contradiction essay

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His views changed according to the situation and at the same time he could act contrary to his words and expressed opinions. His life seems to be a bright example of hypocrisy. However, it is impossible to have a unique opinion about the life of this person.

His contribution into the development of the USA was immense; he really loved America and tried to do everything for the public good.

He created a political party that united all branches of government, he improved American legislation and tried to set an example for the whole country by his governing at Virginia State, he inspired two political revolutions that changed the life of Americans gently and peacefully and during his retirement he established the University of Virginia.

These are only some examples from his remarkable activity. Nevertheless, meanwhile he said that he hated political parties: Jefferson, Such contradictions caused many disputes among historians who tried to find different explanations.

However, comparing his words with his acts it was impossible to realize what was done sincerely. Still, till now there is no the only right answer to this enigmatic question.

Some historians consider such controversial character to be typical for all Americans and state it as a characteristic feature of the nation. Personally, I believe it is impossible to judge the whole nation only by some individuals, even if they are prominent personalities.

Though such dual behavior was peculiar to Thomas Jefferson and I am inclined to believe it, as there are actual proofs of it, I do not agree that all Americans are like this.

It always depends on the particular personality. In general all people try to benefit from one or another situation, nevertheless, it is always important to keep to your principles.

When you couple your words with your acts, you are respected as a responsible and noble person. On the other hand, Jefferson might have been one of those people who could not understand his own beliefs himself and orient in his aspirations.

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Every time he changed his opinion, he believed it. To make up a conclusion, I suppose that Thomas Jefferson was a remarkable personality and an influential politician who played a significant role in the development of America.

Still, this extraordinary person cannot be considered a typical representative of the entire American nation, as among people such divergence is regarded as a drawback. Thomas Jefferson on the Character of a Free People. University Press of Kansas.Thomas Jefferson was very aware of the contradiction between slavery and the ideas he, along with others, expressed in the Declaration.

It was twice that he mentioned how the enslavement of African Americans goes against the “most sacred rights of life and liberty”.

The jefersonian era of contradiction essay

The Jacksonian Era: The Age of the “Common Man” The Jacksonian period, nicknamed the era of the “common man,” lived up to its characterization. President Andrew Jackson influenced the life of the common man forever. Jefferson personified the contradictions in republicanism: He despised ceremonies and formality and dedicated himself to intellectual pursuits.

Still, he was a politician—he realized that his success as president would depend on cooperation with Congress. Jefferson's ideas helped to inspire a mass political movement that achieved many key aspects of his plan.

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In spite of the success and importance of Jeffersonian . write a follow up letter from Banneker to Jefferson after he received Jefferson’s reply. Lead a class discussion about slavery during Jefferson’s era.

Pre-Viewing Activities: 1. The Jeffersonian Era of Contradiction When assessing whether Thomas Jefferson's performance in presidential office contradicted his philosophical utterances when he was not in office, one finds that though Jefferson meant well for the young country, in order for him to improve the countries stability and strength, he had to compromise many of his 3/5(2).

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