Pagpapahalaga sa kulturang pilipino

The development of listening and speaking skills and strategies for effective communication in various situations. Reading and Writing The development of reading and writing skills as applied to a wide range of materials other than poetry, fiction and drama. Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino Pag-aaral tungo sa pananaliksik ukol sa kalikasan, katangian, pag-unlad, gamit at paggamit ng Wikang Filipino sa mga sitwasyong komunikatibo at kultural sa lipunang Pilipino. Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions The subject covers various contemporary arts practices of the region where the school is located.

Pagpapahalaga sa kulturang pilipino

Visual and information literacies 2. Basic, scientific, economic and technological literacies and multicultural literacy 1. Creativity and curiosity 2. Critical thinking problem solving skills 3. Risk taking Collaboration and interpersonal skills 4.

Flexibility and adaptability 2. Initiative and selfdirection 3. Social and crosscultural skills 4. Productivity and accountability 5. Leadership and responsibility 6. Specialized courses exceed remedial level of current GE courses.

Systematically apply knowledge, understanding, theory, and skills for the development of the self, local, and global communities using prior learning, inquiry, and experimentation. Work comfortably with relevant technologies and develop adaptations and innovations for significant use in local and global communities.

Communicate with local and global communities with proficiency, orally, in writing, and through new technologies of communication. Interact meaningfully in a social setting and contribute to the fulfillment of individual and shared goals, respecting the fundamental humanity of all persons and the diversity of groups and communities.

CHED Technical Panel on General Education Understanding and appreciation of ways of knowing the self, society, world, and environment Specific outcomes Appreciation of the human condition Capacity to personally interpret the human experience Ability to view the contemporary world from both Philippine and global perspectives Selfassuredness in knowing and being Filipino SOURCE: CHED Technical Panel on General Education Capacity to reflect critically on shared concerns and think of innovative, creative solutions guided by ethical standards Aptitude in tackling problems methodically and scientifically Ability to appreciate and contribute to artistic beauty SOURCE: Mandated Elective 9 u.

They can be taken across the years.

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GE features Covers basic knowledge domains in core courses and treats them holistically Removes remedial courses and others rendered irrelevant by K Provides some element of choice through electives SOURCE:Implementing Twenty First Education in the Light of Grades 11 and Pilipino.

Math Numbers and Number Sense The learner is able to formulate challenging situations involving sets and real numbers and solve these Pananaliksik sa Wika at Kulturang Filipino. Aspeto ng kulturang pilipino ang nakakaapekto sa pagkonsumo madaling mahikayat sa pamimili ng mga materyal na bagay na hindi nmanan gaanong mahalaga.

Mahusay sa pakikisama ang mga Pilipino. Sa pamimili, nais nilang bumili sa mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan nila. Kahanga-hanga ang mataas na pagpapahalaga ng mga Pilipino sa edukasyon. (proyektong panturismo) mga pagpapahalaga sa kulturang pilipino Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Karaniwang ang makikita sa gawa ng mga pintor at iskultor ay ang kulturang Pilipino, sa kalikasan o mga pintang may malalim na kahulugan. Bukod sa mga pinta ng mismong pamilya ng Vocalan, may ilan ring mga iskultura at mga nililok na kahoy ang matatagpuan sa itaas ng restawran.

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Pagpapahalaga sa kulturang pilipino

I am currently homeschooling my daughter for sixth grade. She is reading the Araling Panlipunan (AP) textbook Lakbay ng Lahing Pilipino I’m sharing the test I made for her for the first quarter. Tanda ito na ang mga Pilipino ay may pagpapahalaga at pakikiisa sa pananampalataya at kulturang tunay na maipagmamalaki.

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