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Mrs baker

Character overview[ edit ] In every version of the story in which she appears, Mrs. She makes and sells meat pies made from Todd's victims.

Mrs baker

Lovett is depicted as Mrs baker childless widow, although in some depictions but very rarely Mr. Albert Lovett is shown. Before she goes into business with Todd, she is on the verge of povertywith her premises being filthy and infested with vermin.

In the musical, she laments her pies are the worst ones in London. While she feels no remorse about killing people and serving them as pies, she is sometimes shown to have a softer side to those in need; for example, she informally adopts the young orphan Tobias Ragg as her own, and considers taking in Todd's daughter Johanna as well.

Various interpretations[ edit ] Although Mrs. Lovett's character and role in the story are similar in each version, certain details vary according to the story's interpretation. In some versions, for example, Mrs. Lovett commits suicide when their crimes are discovered, while in others, Todd kills her himself or she is arrested and escapes execution by turning King's Evidence against Todd.

Her physical appearance varies from a slim and alluring beauty, to a plump, homely lunatic. Her age is also differing in many adaptations; though it is never specifically stated in any versions, there are some most noticeably in Sondheim's musical where she is older than Todd, often by a difference of over fifteen years and others where she is around his age.

Whether their relationship is platonicromantic or merely sexual also varies according to interpretation. Lovett's pie shop below his old home after 15 years in exileseeking information about his lost family. Lovett recognizes him as her former tenantBenjamin Barker, with whom she was and is secretly in love.

She informs him that his wife, Lucywas raped by Judge Turpinwho had exiled Todd on a false charge, and informs Todd that Lucy was so distraught that she poisoned herself with arsenic. Seeking vengeance, Todd reopens his shaving parlour above the shop, and slits the throats of his customers.

Lovett initiates a plan for Todd to send the corpses of his victims down a chute that leads to her bakehouse. She then uses the flesh to bake meat pies, which make her business very successful. She and Todd take in an orphan, Tobias Raggto whom she becomes like a mother. She also dreams of marrying Todd, who is completely uninterested in her.Use your gifts and talents on a short-term trip and get to know the churches and ministries of Peru Mission first hand!

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Mrs baker

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