Modello for the fountain of the

Kimbell Art Museum Bernini made this dramatic image of a triton a minor sea -deity of Greek mythology grappling with a fish atop a gigantic shell as a presentation model for Pope Innocent X Pamphili, who in commissioned the artist to design a new centerpiece for the fountain at the south end of the Piazza Navona in Rome. A few years earlier, Bernini had designed the spectacular Fountain of the Four Rivers as the focal point of the refurbished piazza. This second fountain, located opposite the Pamphili palace, would further beautify the site and glorify the Pamphili family.

Modello for the fountain of the

Early on, the Foundation collected mostly British and French portraits of the 18th and 19th centuries. By the time Mr. Kimbell left his estate to the Foundation, charging it with the creation of a museum.

Modello for the fountain of the

With the appointment in of Richard F. To that end, under the leadership of its President, Mr. Carter; his daughter and her husband, Mr. Bird—adopted a policy statement for the future museum in Juneoutlining its purpose, scope, and program, among other things. That statement remains to this day the operative guide for the Museum.

The rationale is that a single work of outstanding merit and significance is more effective Modello for the fountain of the an educational tool than a larger number of representative examples. Two aspects of the policy in particular would have the greatest impact on changing the Kimbell collection: The Kimbell collection today consists of about works that not only epitomize their periods and movements but also touch individual high points of aesthetic beauty and historical importance.

Fortson serves in that position to this day.

About this time, all of the various businesses of the Kimbell estate were finally converted to income-producing assets by the executors, all of which were also Foundation Directors, providing critical funding to the Foundation for acquisitions.

During the tenure of Eric M. Lords of the Ancient Andes Great French Paintings from the ClarkBernini: Kahn born received the commission to design the Kimbell Art Museum. It was the last work the architect would see to completion before his death in March The Foundation made it clear, however, that it wanted architecture that would succeed not only on aesthetic grounds, but also from a functional standpoint.

It was a conviction shared by Kahn, who distinguished himself by a deep sense of the practical as well as the spiritual. But what was most important to him was that the art be experienced with natural light and outdoor views—an opinion that went against the prevailing trend of the day, which was to illumine and control lighting conditions in museums through artificial means.

Such a museum would offer a different experience on every visit, as the light would vary according to the time of day, the season, and the weather. Due to its structural strength, each vault only requires the support of four square columns. The building is composed of three levels: Courtyards, lunettes, and light slots introduce more light, varying quality and intensity.

Architectural space and light are further unified by the choice of materials: The resulting Museum building would be acclaimed a modern classic from the moment of its opening.

On behalf of the full Board, Mr. Scott, its President, declared: What we have is magnificent. With a double-height vault, it is an ideal environment in which to examine, clean, and restore works of art and has served as a model for many museum conservation laboratories.

Huston advised on the final layout of the studio and cared for the Kimbell collection over the next 12 years. It became the first of many Kimbell acquisitions restored there in the early s. Through the generosity of the Burnett then Tandy Foundation, substantial funds were provided to furnish the Kimbell with state-of-the-art equipment that rivaled that of the Met.

The Museum continues to update equipment to keep current with technological advances. The Cubist Experiment, — As the Kimbell plans for the next 40 years with a new building by Renzo Piano, maintaining a controlled environment in the galleries is a primary concern.

Sullivan—charged with Museum programming—described a visitor-focused experience in which the Museum would provide warm hospitality to individuals and satisfy their curiosity. He also emphasized an object-based approach that would inform all aspects of the educational programs, from lectures and workshops to docent-guided tours, teacher trainings, and films.

Year-round lectures, symposia, and gallery talks feature leading international experts, local scholars, and professional artists, and documentary films place masterpieces in their art historical context.

Written materials on gallery walls and in Museum publications draw from the latest research to present insights of interest to both specialists and to the wider public.

Mobile technologies, such as audio tours and tablets, provide additional content-rich experiences for all visitors.Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library. Modello for the Fountain of the Moor () Gian Lorenzo Bernini (94 artworks, 2, followers) Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒan loˈrɛntso berˈniːni]; also Gianlorenzo or Giovanni Lorenzo; 7 December – 28 November ) was an Italian sculptor and architect.

Introduction / Andrew Butterfield --Cataloguing --The history of Bernini's Fountain of the Moor / Charles Avery --Bernini and the modello for the Fountain of the Moor / Mark S. Weil --The technical study of a terracotta modello of The Moor / Anthony Sigel --Appendix: documents for the Fountain of the Moor.

Modello for the fountain of the

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