Intentional and symptomatic readings on the

Preparing for Lent "The first Christians observed with great devotion the days of our Lord's passion and resurrection, and it became the custom of the Church to prepare for them by a season of penitence and fasting The Book of Common Prayer,pp.

Intentional and symptomatic readings on the

My Low T Journey: So here it is — the good, the bad, the awesome, and the timeline in which it all took place! And there have only been three very minor negatives to this whole experience. But now it's become a little oily and acne prone on my upper back, shoulders, and upper arms.

This is easily managed with a little extra scrubbing using a loofa and the occasional use of acne control body wash. I used to have almost no visible hair on my upper arms, shoulders, and upper back.

Essentially, my balls are a little bit smaller.

Intentional and symptomatic readings on the

Nothing sharp or unbearable, just a dull ache. Let me assure you that the benefits of TRT have far outweighed the very minor negatives of this whole experience. Sex Drive A couple weeks after my first injection, I had an experience that indicated a significant improvement in this very important aspect of a man's life.

Intentional and symptomatic readings on the

It was like I was seeing the world through the eyes of a high school senior. I felt like I could, and needed to, take on every woman in the entire grocery store.

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This is a big shift coming from a guy who spent the last decade preferring sleep over sex. In the last year, I went from thinking sex once a month would be more than enough to feeling like having sex multiple times per week.

Emotional Effects Even Mood Since starting testosterone, my mood has stabilized substantially. These spells were really my biggest problem and a main reason I looked into treatment.

I just hated life. Now, I feel good to great on a daily basis. But for the most part, a bad day for me is more in the middle or neutral. No more wallowing in a dark hole of self-pity for weeks at a time.

In general, I can see myself the way other people do. Dealing with Anger and Adversity Things that used to send me into a rage are now easily handled. And if I ever want to sell it for top dollar, I'll have the bumper replaced. My wife stared at me in disbelief. She'd expected me to start yelling or kick a garbage can.

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I had my first child in February She screamed bloody murder in the car, the stroller, her bassinet, her crib. Still does a lot of the time. The fog that I lived in for so many years has lifted. I used to have to work in 20 minute blocks of time in college when researching or writing because I was completely unable to form cohesive thoughts after that point.


Now, if I get an idea for an article, I can write and edit for hours at a time. Self-motivation is much easier now or, I should say, it finally works.

Getting in the mood to work used to take a celestial event. Now I just make the decision to act and good things happen. I never grew out of that. I haven't transformed into Mr.

Olympia and I've never expected tojust a much better version of myself. The previous 6 years of training resulted in what most guys with healthy hormones can accomplish in 6 months.

I lost a bunch of fat and gained a minuscule amount of muscle. Imagine what an ancient boxing coach from the movies could accomplish if he was suddenly transferred into a young, able body.

As I said before, when bulking pre-testosterone, I would gain much more fat than muscle. My strength on core lifts would often increase at a slower rate than my body weight.

One bulk in particular, I gained an honest 30 lbs of body weight, but my bench press only went up 20 lbs. At that rate, I would've had to weigh over lbs just to squat, deadlift, and bench a respectable amount. Bulking and Cutting I just finished my first bulk on testosterone probably the 10th bulk in my lifetime.intentional readings, symptomatic readings, adaptive readings.

intentional readings. understanding a text in terms of specifically HOW it was meant to be interpreted/ It acknowledges the meanings of the implied author. symptomatic readings. (sia) symptomatic readings, intentional readings, adaptive readings.

intentional readings. Understanding a text in terms of how specifically it was meant to be interpreted. symptomatic readings. Assumes that a narrative expresses symptomatic readings of the time/space/culture that it comes from.

Maurice Merleau-Ponty (—) Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s work is commonly associated with the philosophical movement called existentialism and its intention to begin with an analysis of the concrete experiences, perceptions, and difficulties, of human existence.

Preparing for Lent

Intentional reading is being selective with my reading. I’ve been doing the reading thing long enough now to know what phrases or descriptions ring my bells.

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I also have a good sense of where I can improve in my reading and I create strategies for getting better. Cyberfriends: The help you're looking for is probably here.

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