How to write a save the date email for business

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How to write a save the date email for business

You'll get experience with the following: New tools in Visual Studio. The handling of events in C. Prerequisite This tutorial requires that you access the Dynamics AX environment using Remote Desktop, and be provisioned as an administrator on the Dynamics AX instance.

Debugging support for the C project does not work if the Load symbols only for items in the solution check box is selected. Since this option is selected by default, it must be changed prior to running the lab.

Scenario Too many cars have been rented to drivers who have a history of unsafe driving habits. The Fleet Management rental company needs to check driving records from external sources.

This service retrieves the number of citations for the given unique license number. The obvious choice would be to leverage Visual Studio to write the code. Instead, we provide a mock implementation of a service call.

Create a C class library Dynamics AX enables you to create a reference from a Dynamics AX project to the C class library, or to any other type of C project that generates an assembly.

Such references affect the build order. The C project is built before the Dynamics AX project that references and depends on it. The Dynamics AX infrastructure understands the references, and will make sure that the C assemblies are deployed correctly to the cloud before execution.

Follow these steps to create a C class library in the Fleet Management solution: In the Open Project dialog box, in the File name text box, type the following path, and then press Enter - C: Select the file named FleetManagement.

how to write a save the date email for business

If the solution file is not on your computer, the steps to create it are listed in Tutorial: The Add New Project dialog is displayed.

In the left pane, click Visual Cand then in the middle pane, click Class Library.

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At the bottom in the Name text box, type the name DriversLicenseEvaluator. In the Location text box, type the following directory path: Click OK to create the project.

how to write a save the date email for business

Click Yes, when prompted to rename all references to the class. The method is given the RecId value for the customer record that contains the information required by the method. You add these references to the C project named DriversLicenseEvaluator.

Click Browse and then enter the following path: You'll see a list of assemblies with the name LINQ in them.

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From that list, select the following files, and then click Add: Click Browse again, and then type the following file name into the field:Grammar Bytes!

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