How to write a mime scriptures

Learn the Ministry of Dance! I have removed the original post because of my own convictions about mime ministry. Not all of it is wrong, but some of it is not right according to the principles of Scripture I am addressing the issues a commenter made about the presentation of some Mime ministries.

How to write a mime scriptures

The great success of the Hebrew language lies precisely in the Hebrew invention of vowel notation. This invention was made around the time of king David roughly BC, at the dawn of the Iron Ageand it gave ordinary people access to vast amounts of information.

Prior to vowel notation, reading and writing was a magical affair for which one had to train in special priestly schools. Vowel notation allowed ordinary people to access vast vaults of information after a relatively simple education. Upon vowel notation, simply everybody could learn, share and add to what mankind knew, and this in turn led to the surge of human modernity that is still in full swing today.

Even in the Stone Age there was a highly sophisticated wisdom tradition — to give a hint: The consonantal alphabet and later vowel notation not only turned every Tom, Dick and Harry into a sagely priest hence a kingdom of priests — Exodus The Hebrews understood that a happy life went hand in hand with knowledge of creation, and made science their form of worship Psalm They defined the deity as the Creator, who, per definition, had to exist separate from creation.

But in a brilliant feat of deductive reasoning, they also surmised that between the creation that so closely followed the Creator's character and nature, and the Creator Himself, there had to be a kind of transition that was both: This bottom-line from which everything that exists derives its existence, this attractor to which everything that evolves must evolve, this intermediate between the Creator and creation, this they called "the Son" Psalm 2: In later Scriptures this semi-natural phenomenon famously became personified in Jesus Christ John how to write a mime scriptures Hence David's triumphant outcry: The symbols that began to be used for vowels were not invented for the occasion but had existed long before as consonants.

They were on all accounts ordinary symbols who existed inconspicuously amidst the others, but who were suddenly in the blink of an eye, one might say selected for the novel mission of sound bearing, whilst not relinquishing their old consonantal function.

The he served as the consonantal H but also began to be used to express sounds in the A- and E-neighborhood. And the waw expressed W and V consonants but began to be used to represent O and U sounds for instance, the names David and Dod are spelled the same: All this made such an impact on society, and gave the people of learning such an edge over both the forces of nature and human brutes who relied on strength, that the Hebrews formed the name of their deity from these symbols.

Hoffman lovingly puts it in his book In The Beginning. The name YHWH Sabaoth means YHWH of the Communities or Alliances, and this name obviously expresses peoples talking with other peoples and deriving their strength from sharing information in stead of physical strength or vast armies.

This incredible name is introduced in the Bible, in 1 Samuel In case you haven't picked up on it yet: The very Internet, indeed, began with the Hebrew invention of vowel notation.

Even mankind's imminent jump to the stars will be crowd funded, so to speak. So no, the Masoretes did not add previously non-existing vowels to the Hebrew Bible, but left us notations about what the Hebrew words may have sounded like namely "David" in stead of "Dod", and so on.

Their work and intentions, however, are of enormous importance to students of the Bible because: The modern Bible is based on the creation of one particular Masoretic branch, namely the Ben-Asher family of the Tiberian Masoretes. Most of our Biblical traditions stem from a time during which it had been forgotten that the Masoretes had forged the modern Bible from much older sources.


During the twentieth century it was discovered that the Bible as we know it didn't exist as such since Biblical times but is in fact younger than the Quran.

The name Masoretes is like the epithet Explorers; it describes a group of completely different people who shared one particular quality without being unified by that quality.

The Masoretes were Hebrew scholars who worked over the span of a few centuries and in a geographic area ranging from Babylon to Palestine and from Europe to Yemen. These Masoretes were part of the larger Hebrew academia, which in turn operated within a culture that was obsessed with a past that was slipping away; a culture in which Muhammad urged people to return to the monotheism of Moses and produced the Quran, and Arabic scholars were working hard on systems similar to that of the Masoretes.

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It's probable that both the Masoretes and their Arabic colleagues got their idea from the efforts of Greek scholars who began adding diacritic symbols to their ancient texts in about the second century AD.

From what remains of their work, scholars conclude that the Ben-Ashers must have been a lively bunch, because apart from their phenomenal body of work they also show a substantial degree of variation within their own ranks.

Then, the Ben-Ashers were not the only ones working with that now so famous Masoretic system, because the Ben-Ashers were at much documented odds with another Tiberian family, namely the Ben-Naphtali family, and that's just one competitor we know about, working within the same system.

A whole other famous Masoretic system was the Babylonian system, or rather: It's not clear where this particular cluster of systems originated but "most people believe that the Land of Israel system is the earliest system" says Joel M.For those who did the December Scripture Writing Plan and enjoyed it, I have been so blessed by the December scriptures that I cannot wait to start in January!

It is a great way to study the Bible and get into the Word. My problem is, I like to do scripture journaling and being creative with how I write it (I am a visual learner and it. Note: A flag next to a link shows what language the website is in.

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how to write a mime scriptures

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These protagonists take everything in stride. When Quoting from the Bible in Academic Papers for Columbia Evangelical Seminary The first time you use a reference from the Bible, you place a footnote with it. That NIV).2 You write a new footnote for the Bible quote from the NIV, giving the necessary bibliographic information.

After this. Mime In The Bible Source: The Complete Library of Christian Worship, Robert E. Webber, General Editor. Nonverbal actions can communicate many powerful feelings and truths.

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