Fetch me that flower

He then contrasts this with massive amounts of excitement. These combine to create an absolutely rock steady retriever at a very young age.

Fetch me that flower

They are listed in the order of their release. For Freedom For the directors, actors, and others associated Fetch me that flower the Korean film industry who wanted to continue to create under Japanese colonization, especially what would be the later years of the colonizationtheir choices were limited to primarily pro-Japanese fare.

Initially, this frustrated Choi In-kyu enough that he vowed to stop making pro-Japanese films after Homeless Angel in However, director Han Hyeong-mo convinced Choi to return to the director's chair, and Choi did eventually complete the pro-Japanese trilogy, Children of the SunVow of Loveand Sons of the Sky Children are encouraged by a schoolteacher to willingly join step with the Japanese military march in the first film, and to show their love for the colonizer by becoming Japanese citizens in the second.

Fetch me that flower

The third, as if the first one wasn't enough, encourages Korean youth they missed the first time to join the air force. Stuck in this artistic bind that the Japanese colonialism imposed, when the occupation ended, Choi threw himself into a Korean nationalist text with wild abandon - Hurrah!

Ironically, Choi would experience artistic censorship yet again with this film, this time decades later under Park Chung-hee's government. He seemed to be an important character for the narrative, someone to be seen as a rival for the affections of Nam-bu's girlfriend, Mee-hyang Yoo Kye-sun - Confessions of a College Girl, Chunyang Storywho betrays Nam-bu by helping our Korean nationalist hero Choi Han-joong Jeon Chang-geun, who would later direct his own films, such as Nakdong River and China Town hide from the Japanese soldiers.

But Nam-bu barely makes an appearance. The reason for this strange absence is not because it was intended by Choi, but because it was demanded by the 70's censors since the actor Dok Eun-gi had, later in life, defected to North Korea.

His mere image was unacceptable to government censors when a new print was made in for a re-release. Because of this, and some other scenes lost through the deterioration of time, we are left with an incomplete look at this important South Korean film.

But here's the basic story. We begin with Han-joong escaping from prison, after which he finds lodging in the home of the mother of a nurse named Hye-ja stage name - Hwang Ryuh-hee; real name - Hwang Youn-hee - The Innocent Criminal and The Bloody Road.

Working together with other members of the resistance movement, Han-joong and his compatriots plan an armed uprising.

However, they run into a snag in their plans when a compatriot acquiring dynamite is picked up by the Japanese. Han-joong runs to his rescue, having to find shelter himself in the home of Mee-hyang.

Just like Hye-ja, Mee-hyang begins to fall for Han-joong and finds herself betraying her collaborationist invisible boyfriend to assist Han-joong and the resistance. I'll stop there for those who don't want the entire film relayed to them.

But, again, the entire film is not available to us, due to lost and politically pulled scenes. Still, we can see much of Choi's vision and style. The action scenes are decent considering the time in which they were made. There are some nice cut-aways, such as when Hye-ja hopes Han-joong notices the flowers she gave him.

And one especially powerful moment of symbolism is the scene in which two characters are shot. Note how their curved bodies fall head to toe on the floor to resemble the red and blue yin-yang that centers the South Korean national flag, Tae-geuk-gi.

We can lament what Choi could have accomplished were he permitted full freedom to invest his artistic efforts throughout his entire career, just as we could lament what he could have accomplished with greater resources.

And we can lament what we're missing thanks to the dictator-ly demands of the Korean censors of the 's. Such mourning, if productive - that is, true mourning rather than simple pity - can help us in our efforts to prevent such censorship from reoccurring in the future in our own respective nations.

But limitations can also offer challenge to create in ways we had never thought of before. And release from previous restrictions can allow for an explosion of artistry.

I will lament what could have been and I will revel in what we have. Because what we do have is a window - although one with a broken pane or two - into the national negotiations of the time that Korean artists strived to bring to the screen.

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