Faces of evil the dark

Yami Yugi lineart Yugi's character design was overseen by Kazuki Takahashi. As he exists in Yugi's body, his appearance is largely the same as Yugi's, although many alterations are made when Yami takes control, such as his eyes.

Faces of evil the dark

Horror movies in the s: In ten short years the concept of a horrific monster had altered irrevocably. Whereas Lon Chaney, Jr in a fine covering of yak's hair had once served as a powerful envoy from the dark side, now there were more recognisably human faces attached to evil.

Faces who had fought on both sides in WW2, the developers of the atom bomb and the death camp, mad scientists indeed whose activities would have unnerved even Victor Frankenstein or Dr Moreau. The Faces of evil the dark action of WW2 had left over 40 million dead, and millions more exposed to the full spectrum of man's inhumanity to man.

The world could never be the same again, and the dawning of post-war posterity in America brought with it a new breed of monsters, adapted specifically for survival in the second half of the twentieth century.

After WW2, no nation could be seen to seek out-and-out conflict with another. This did not stop the 'low-key' operations in Asia Korea, then Vietnam and the spiralling standoff of the Cold War. People lived with the fear of war, which became more unnerving than war itself. The messages from WW2 were clear: Like the atom bomb.

The more advanced the technology, the more powerful the nation. It wasn't just human technology that impinged on public consciousness - the first recorded sighting of a flying saucer occurred infollowed a few months later by the infamous Roswell Incident.

Faces of evil the dark

The horror films of the s are about science and technology run riot, an accurate enough reflection of reality for a confused populace, wary of the pace of technological change.

The s are also the era when horror films get relegated well and truly to the B-movie category. The studios were too busy incorporating technical changes such as widespread colour production and trying to meet the challenge posed by TV to have much truck with making quality horror pictures.

The main audiences for horror movies were teenagers, who ensured that the genre remained very profitable. They flocked to the drive-ins in hordes, not caring too much about character development, plot integrity or production values.

Some of these B-movies are, frankly, ludicrous, in the way they require the audience to suspend disbelief. The aim of the game was thrills, thrills and more thrills, and these monsters, whilst perhaps more terrifying in conception than execution, never fail to deliver on the action front.

Nonetheless, they are highly entertaining, and provide a crude, technicolour snapshot of the way America desperately didn't want itself to be.

Radiation or other unspecified scientific processes could either enlarge Godzilla, Them! Existing life-forms made better monsters, as they could be photographed using blue-screen techniques, or recreated in model form and stop-motion animation used to bring them to life.

Otherwise, the old standby of a man in a suit still used by James Cameron in Aliens in worked well enough if seen from a distance.

Early attempts at these sorts of special effects work well in King Kong and Devil Dollsbut really become widespread during this era. The onscreen monsters represented the cutting edge of movie technology and their novelty was seen as a good way of drawing audiences away from TV.

These monsters are usually spurred into a destructive rampage by the actions of a foolish few disobeying the rules, and can only be stopped through the actions of a resourceful hero.

These movies particularly manifest society's mistrust of the intellectual, in the form of the mad scientist, who must often have his destructive creations negated by "ordinary" citizens.

This era's obsession with the monster movie stems from the fears generated by co-existence with the atom bomb. America had to deal with the mass trauma over using a nuclear weapon on another nation, and also the perpetual fear of future apocalypse. Monster movies offered a vision of destruction created by non-humans; instead of generating chaos and disaster, humans represent a force for good, often manifested in a yearning for peace as nations and organisations unite against the common threat, thus providing a cathartic couple of hours' escapism from the realities of the Cold War.

These monster movies of the s were also the first blockbusters a term first used in a Variety review of Quo Vadisopening in US theatres coast-to-coast amidst a marketing storm of advertising and merchandise. They used the new medium of TV advertising to reach suburban and teenage audiences, and stunts involving giant dinosaurs and ants to reach the newspaper front pages.

The idea was not to promote quality performances, but a big movie-going experience, and lines around the block rewarded this strategy, twenty years before Jaws. Individual monster movies may now have been largely forgotten, and only appeal to cultists prepared to forgive their creaky dialogue and now-clumsy SFX, but their collective memory is still cherished, and has had an influence on many recent movies Eight Legged Freaks, The Day After Tomorrow, Evolution to name but three.

The Beast heads for New York, its former hunting ground, devastating everything in its way, before being defeated by "good radioactivity". No one can forget the horrific ending "Help me!

The Wasp Woman was Roger Corman's attempt at the same story - the mixing of human and insect "bits". Cosmetics Company chief Jan Starlin has fallen on hard times, and is desperate for a new product that will reverse the ageing process on her face and similarly rejuvenate her company's fortunes.

She meets Zinthrop, who has been experimenting with wasp royal jelly, rather than the bee kind, and decides she will become the first human test subject for his anti-ageing serum.The Faces of Evil series is a novel series comprising of 11 different novels written by the American author Debra Webb.

All the novels of the series are based on the romance and suspense genres and have been published from to Classic horror movies of the s - Creature Features, Drive In Gimmicks, Monstrous Juvenile Deliquents, Atomic Freaks, Aliens and More.

Faces of evil the dark

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The Evil Queen

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