Evaluate mary ainsworth and bowlby

By Saul McLeodupdated Attachment is a deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space Ainsworth; Bowlby

Evaluate mary ainsworth and bowlby

When writing 12 mark essays make sure you remember the following things: Try to make the outline part of the essay around the same length as the evaluate part - an unbalanced essay can lose you marks!

Use a strength and a weakness to make sure your argument is balanced and not biased.

Evaluate mary ainsworth and bowlby

Plan your answer in the space they give you before you actually write it - the content is not the only important aspect, structure Evaluate mary ainsworth and bowlby gain you marks too.

The strange situation was used to see how infants react under stressful situations such as separation from the caregiver causing separation anxiety and also the presence of a stranger stranger anxiety. Observers watched the behaviours displayed between the infants and caregiver from behind one way mirrors and collected data every 15 seconds on various different criteria, they also measured the intensity of the behaviour on a scale of Some of the behaviours included the parent leaving the room, and stranger being presented and the parent returning.

The data was then collected from several studies and the results combined to make a total of middle-class infants that were observed. A study conducted by Main and Weston concluded that infants behave differently depending on which parent they are with.

However it could be argued that the only relationship that matters is that of your primary caregiver which is the parent that partakes in the strange situation and the attachment with this primary caregiver determines the overall attachment type of the infant.

Strange Situation Procedure

It was also found that the strange situation was very reliable because the results of the observers were consistent with one and other and there was almost a perfect inter-observer agreement 0.

This increases the validity of the strange situation as a way of measuring attachment type and means that the results can be generalised and applied to similar situations.

Outline and evaluate the learning theory of attachment 12 marks outline The learning theory of attachment focuses of two concepts; operant and classical conditioning. Classical conditioning as an explanation for attachment describes the baby receiving food and unconditioned stimulus and producing an unconditioned response happiness and the mother feeding the baby will be the neutral stimulus.

The baby will then experience the mother giving them food and therefore happiness a number of times and then learn to associate the mother now a conditioned stimulus with the feeling of happiness a conditioned response and thus an attachment will form.

Operant conditioning describes attachment as a reinforced response.

Outline and evaluate Ainsworth's strange situation (12 Marks)

The person feeding the baby will also be associated with the happiness and therefore become the secondary reinforcer and an attachment will form. However, the monkey study was conducted on monkeys and it could be argued that this is not an accurate representation of human attachment.

Humans are a lot more complex than animals and so therefore research on animals to study behaviour cannot be applied to human behaviour.Mary Ainsworth would develop many of the ideas set forth by Bowlby in her studies. In particular, she identified the existence of what she calls "attachment behavior", examples of behavior that are demonstrated by insecure children in hopes of establishing or re-establishing an attachment to a presently absent caregiver.

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May 18,  · AS Psychology - A Grade Essay Answers. Updated on May 18, to encourage exploration by putting the infants into a novel situation and thus testing the secure base concept of Bowlby's theory of attachment.

(Evaluate) The biggest flaw of Ainsworth's strange situation is the fact that it may not measure the attachment type of the Reviews: 4. Mary Ainsworth (), American psychoanalyst known for the `strange situation` Keywords: maternal deprivation, internal working model, strange situation, attachment styles Attachment Theory (Bowlby).

Mary Ainsworth - psychologist, who made a big impact on Bowlby's Attachment benjaminpohle.com had definitely modified and improved this theory by providing most famous research which explained the individual differences of newborns in attachment.

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Mary Ainsworth's (, ) observational study of individual differences in attachment is described below. Strange Situation Procedure The security of attachment in one- to two-year-olds were investigated using the strange situation paradigm, in order to determine the nature of .

Evaluate mary ainsworth and bowlby

Mary Ainsworth's research work on attachment helps us to understand the child development better. Today, the technique of Ainsworth's Strange Situation is commonly used in psychiatry and psychology to examine the attachment pattern between mother and a child.

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