Engineering students towards engineering drawing education essay

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Engineering students towards engineering drawing education essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article?


This questionnaire-based cross sectional study survey of 2nd to 5th twelvemonth technology pupils of the four Departments Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Agricultural in the College Engineering students towards engineering drawing education essay Engineering of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta was conducted in The consequence showed that the pupils have positive attitude towards technology drawing but for the teaching manner of the instructors.

Graphic linguistic communication normally found among proficient professionals for communicating of thoughts and information from one individual to another is technology pulling Thomas et.

This is used to clearly and briefly pass on all the information necessary to transform an thought or a construct into world.

It contains in writing representation of its topic, dimensions, notes and specifications Taffesse and Kassa, Engineering artworks design and building might every bit good be the most of import class of all surveies for technology or proficient calling.

This is so because it is used by interior decorators, technicians, sanitarians and applied scientists to pass on designs and building inside informations among the members of these professions. The graphics is written in the signifier of drawings that represent the form, size, and specifications of physical objects.

It is read by construing drawings so that physical objects can be constructed precisely as originally conceived by the interior decorator Taffesse and Kassa, Design theoretical account In design procedure, working with design theoretical account is cardinal construct to the interior decorator.

The design theoretical account is the reproduction of the theoretical account to be design. The interior decorator uses the theoretical account of design to record and develop thoughts and to supply a footing to measure the design Sharma, In the instance of larger design undertakings where more than one applied scientist is involved, design theoretical accounts are utilised to pass on and show thoughts between all those concerned with the merchandise design, development, industry and usage Sharma, These accomplishments are needed by interior decorator generate and work with this theoretical account in order to efficaciously pass on thoughts and develop a design Sharma, Engineering drawings are used in many different applications.

For case, Surveyors, civil applied scientists, sanitarians use technology drawings to document such plants as the layout of a new subdivisions, or the marker of the boundaries for a piece of belongings.

Contractors and building forces use proficient drawings as their bluish prints in change overing architectural and technology designs in to world Taffesse and Kassa, Attitude Everyone desires good consequences from our attempts.

Design theoretical account

Most people are willing to set in their best to accomplish the success and felicity they want. Everyone has the capacity to set in 1s unconditioned potencies into action to get what one desire. Attitude is a mental province that pre-disposes a individual to move in a certain manner towards the attitude object Oppenheim, ; Sudman, and Bradburn, ; Oskamp, When pupils have positive attitude towards a peculiar capable country they tend to show that by systematically puting more clip and attempt in that capable country by assisting themselves through seeking extra acquisition chances to do up for whatever oversights they may be holding Lindquist, Surveies carried out by Simpson, and Young, supposed that positive attitudes towards prescribed larning activities and stuffs by and large facilitate the accomplishment of the coveted acquisition results.

Everyone influences and is being influenced from clip to clip. However, one determines the extent of one influenced and to which one is influenced. The factors that have positive strong influence on our attitudes are personality, environment, word look, avowal, self image, association, physical visual aspect Eromon, Additionally, one internal factor that besides affect pupil attitude, is single perceptual experiences and features.

By and large talking, technology drawing is a topic that is frequently disliked may be due to clip involved, back interrupting strivings as pupils describe it, enormous work load, deficiency of spacial ability, inability to acquire the preciseness of dimensions, deficiency of cognition of the importance or kernel of the class etc.

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Undergraduate pupils of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta are non left out of this tendency of complain which in bend show in their public presentations. All the technology pupils in the four sections ; mechanical, electrical, civil and agricultural technology of the school were included.

The questionnaire was distributed and collected at the terminal of the same twenty-four hours. However the pupils that were absent for any ground during the twenty-four hours of the survey were excluded from the survey.

Engineering students towards engineering drawing education essay

A sum of questionnaires were distributed. Engagement in this research was voluntary and no inducement was offered. Informed consent was obtained from participants after being informed about anon.

Data analysis was done utilizing statistical bundle for societal scientific discipline SPSS version Consequences and treatments Of the questionnaires distributed, questionnaires out the returned 1s were considered appropriate for this survey. Incomplete questionnaires were rejected.

The retrieval rate for respondents in degree was These consequences showed that bulk of the pupils liked technology drawing As the acquisition progresses Mechanical Engineering Essay; Mechanical Engineering Essay.

Technical Drawing Related Career Report Industrial Engineers serve as a bridge between management and operations. They combine their solid engineering background with good business sense and management ability. Engineering Students Farewell Party Anchoring Script;.

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Engineering students towards engineering drawing education essay

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Keywords: engineering curriculum, engineering careers, engineering method Defining engineers: How Engineers think about the world Mark J. McCready Department of Chemical Engineering University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, Indiana USA.

2 Since this essay is written by a chemical engineer and is intended to help students or .

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