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Display cfm ethesisid 1136

The industry is vast and there is no shortage of accessories and product enhancements. In January,Colt Defense introduced and began shipping their first new model for the law enforcement community in nearly a decade. This receiver provides multiple enhancements to the weapon.

The 1-Piece Upper Receiver The upper receiver is a truly monolithic design. Many of the so called-monolithic upper receivers in the industry are actually two pieces welded together.

The top rail of the rifle offers a continuous rail from the rear of the receiver to the Display cfm ethesisid 1136 sight base. This satisfies zero retention and zero repeatability requirements. Optics may be removed and installed with no effect on zero. The barrel itself is fully free floated.

This offers several enhancements in accuracy, heat control and durability to the weapon. By having a free floated barrel, accuracy is enhanced as there is no heavy piston or handguard to interfere with the harmonics of the barrel.

This feature is used on competition rifles and is essential for precision shooting.

Display cfm ethesisid 1136

The receiver also enhances cooling of the weapon and thus durability is also increased. It is unlike many current rail systems which are made of aluminum or steel and attach at the barrel nut as well as the handguard cap that transfers heat from the front sight base hottest point of the barrel back into the aluminum receiver.

An additional feature of the Colt design is its barrel extension and nut. There is an increase in the contact area between the barrel and receiver to increase accuracy. The barrel nut also does not have to be aligned with the gas tube.

By utilizing the 1-piece upper there is a significant savings of cost and weight compared to purchasing a traditional M4-type carbine. The savings in cost comes from not having to purchase and install an aftermarket rail system as well as a back up iron sight, which are already standard on the LE Experience shows that many military or law enforcement operators will immediately upon receiving an M4-type weapon, remove the handguards and install a rail system and purchase a back up sight.

The LE offers the enhanced monolithic upper receiver with a Just like the military weapons, every barrel is subjected to a 70, psi proof cartridge and then magnetic particle inspected to insure the barrel is free of stress fractures.

The rifle comes equipped with the standard A2 compensator.

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The upper receiver also has a forward assist and a fired cartridge case deflector. Another outstanding feature is the introduction of the new folding front sight.

Unlike most of the folding front sights on the market, the Colt folding front sight base is pinned in place as opposed to screwed on. Pinning the front sight base is significantly more durable and permanent. Due to the pinning process, the front sight base will not loosen and adversely affect accuracy or reliability.

The benefit of the folding front sight is enormous when using optics. The standard front sight base often obstructs the view of optics when mounted on the rail of a flat top upper receiver and the shooter has a significantly better field of view with the front sight folded.

Most optics as well will allow co-witnessing between the back up sights and the optic in case the battery was to fail or the optic was to become damaged.

Display cfm ethesisid 1136

The front sight base is equipped with a bayonet lug. The Colt folding front sight is robust and positive locking. Another benefit of having the front sight attached to the barrel is when the barrel moves due to thermal expansion the sight moves with it maintaining zero.

The production LE uses a quick detach sling swivel, which can be mounted on either mounting point on both sides of the front of the receiver. The lower handguard, which is removable, requires only the push inward of a detent on the rear of the bottom of the handguard.

Once the detent is pushed in, the handguard is slid forward and then pulled down. The rail is more robust, easier to remove. Government Issue MaTech back up iron sight that is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The elevation is calibrated for the drop of the M ammunition.

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