Case study change management failure

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Case study change management failure

Christian Rangen business model innovationCase studychange managementinnovationInnovation PyramidKodakstrStrategy The Jan 14th issue of The Economist published a truly excellent article on disruptive innovation and change management. But few mainstream newspapers or magazines have written such an insightful piece as this.

Kodak was, as the Economist writesthe Google of its days. Highly inventive, highly innovative and successfully rolling out new, sustaining innovations. But in reality, Kodak had been sitting on the Digital Camera and digital technology since Only they were afraid of the consequences… Kodak engineer, Steven Sasson is credited with inventing the first digital camera in first prototypes in Only to put it away for years….

Startingthe speed and size of the digital shift increased to the point of driving Kodak into a death spiral. Yet, Kodak was attemting to innovate.

Using the framework of the Innovation PyramidKodak did innovate on level one Design and marketing and level two Products. The company failed, however, in level eight business model innovation.

So despite its launch of digital products, the lack of transformation on the business model level led to the eventual death of Kodak. On January 19thKodak officially announced the results of some 15 years of failed transformation. For special interest, you can read the filing here.

Today it has less than Soon, only a handful. Analyzing this article reveals layers of layers of innovation challenges.

The last Kodak moment? It holds a series of truths valid for all companies across all industries: For a truly amazing slide journey in the history of Kodak, we urge everyone to view this incredible presentation by Christian Sandstrom. Trying to understand the decline of Kodak from a stock market analyst perspective is also very revealing.

For an analysis of how stock analysts look at the paradigm shifts in disruptive innovation, lean back and enjoy this slideshow. All images from The Economist.Feb 07,  · Kodak and its inability to change: a tale for many February 7, April 30, Christian Rangen business model innovation, Case study, change management, innovation, Innovation Pyramid, Kodak, str, Strategy.

Why Do Change Management Strategies Fail? Illustrations with case studies the failure of change management with reference to case materials.

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1. FAILURE OF THE TRANSFORMATION OF LEADERSHIP. Change management—–A case of Coca Cola Corporation Coca Cola is a retailer, marketer and manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks and is known worldwide for it coca cola beverage.

In addition to its coca cola brand, Coca Cola Company offers beverages and non beverages brands in about two hundred countries. Managers can learn a lot from these classic change management case studies.

Paul Arnold. Change can be the foundation of competitive advantage but, to be effective, a change management programme must identify areas of potential conflict, address the needs of everyone in the organisation and, crucially, bridge the gap between the aspirations of executives, technical project teams and the people affected by the .

As a teacher of project management, I extol the effectiveness of project management but I also admit that roughly 30% of all projects are successful in that they fulfilled all the customer’s requirements without going over budget and were delivered on time.

Nov 15,  · Change management. Follow this topic. Following. Two studies investigating resistance to change reveal that the social aspects of change, rather than the technological aspects, cause the most.

Case study change management failure
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