Billy elliot stephen daldry essay

Share via Email What have British theatre directors ever given cinema? Quite a lot, as it happens. Daldry joins a select but significant crew of theatre professionals - Nicholas Hytner, Danny Boyle, Roger Michell and Sam Mendes among them - who have stepped outside the cosy circuit of the performing arts and taken their chances in the big bad world of the movies.

Billy elliot stephen daldry essay

Like his namesake, Billy Elliot has a missing parent in this case, his motherand is routinely belittled by an older brother. Both Billies reject the traditionally masculine activities football, boxing they are encouraged to pursue, as well as the potential future that is laid out for them in working down the coal mine.

Instead, both find a passion that they struggle to develop in secret.

Billy elliot stephen daldry essay

Some scenes seem like direct echoes, especially the sequences where the boys steal a book in order to learn more about their new-found interest; and there is a key moment in both films where each of them is able to articulate in a more public setting how it feels to engage in their passion.

Nevertheless, the outcomes of their two stories are very different: They are also very different kinds of films: Kes is a naturalistic drama, produced by a small UK independent company, while Billy Elliot is a high-budget entertainment, produced by Universal Studios and clearly targeted at a large global audience.

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As I intend to show, the politics of these two films are also quite different — even if both of them ultimately focus on an individualistic form of escape. Billy lives in a small mining village near Durham with his widowed father, Jackie, and older brother, Tony, who are both coal miners out on strike; and also his maternal grandmother, who has dementia, and once aspired to be a professional dancer.

By chance, he finds and eventually joins a ballet class that is using the gym. However, Billy secretly continues lessons with his dance teacher, Mrs.

When she tells Jackie and Tony about this, they are outraged at the prospect of Billy becoming a professional ballet dancer — not least because they think he will be considered to be gay.

Later, Jackie catches Billy dancing in the gym and realises that his son is truly talented; he resolves to do whatever it takes to help Billy attain his dream. Wilkinson tries to persuade Jackie to let her pay for the audition, but he refuses.

At the audition, Billy is very nervous, and punches another boy in frustration, fearing that he has not performed well enough. Seemingly rejected, Billy returns home with his father; but some time later, the Royal Ballet School sends him a letter telling him he has been accepted, and he leaves home to attend.

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Like Billy Casper, Billy Elliot is clearly identified, not just as poor and working class, but also as oppressed: Although he is less obviously a misfit, this Billy also fails at traditional masculine sports. His true passions and talents are vilified and misunderstood.

Billy has lost his mother, and throughout the film her presence is invoked both directly and indirectly. The heavy police presence in the village is constantly made apparent: Tony in particular is a victim of police brutality, although he is not entirely innocent: In fact, there are striking parallels — reinforced by the editing — between the two narratives.

The individualistic story of salvation through art seems positively to require, not just escape, but the negation of collective social movements. Thus, when Billy and his father travel to London, we learn that Jackie has never been to the capital city; and when Billy is asked by another boy at the audition about Durham cathedral near where he livesit emerges that he has never been there.

The working class child can only succeed if he escapes from his origins; and in the process, those origins must be defined as merely a constraint. As in much of New Labour policy, class struggle is seen as an irrelevant relic of the past: The music that plays over the final credits begins with a sickly power ballad sung by the former Boyzone star Stephen Gately: The traditionally masculine miners Jackie and Tony — and seemingly, the rest of the community — gradually overcome their homophobic prejudices, in a manner reminiscent of the more recent feel-good movie Pridein which miners and gay activists unite during the strike.

Yet in other respects, the message seems more ambivalent. The film constantly insists that male dancers are not necessarily gay, not least by referring to presumably heterosexual dancers such as Wayne Sleep, Gene Kelly and in one clip that must have cost the producers a fortune to acquire Fred Astaire.

Is transvestitism somehow considered a tell-tale or even necessary characteristic of being gay, one wonders. He refuses the advances of Mrs. Wilkinson brilliantly played by Julie Walters.

Yet she too is an ambiguous character. In a recent article, Ahmet Atay has argued that Mrs. Yet I see no evidence for this. She constantly corrects Billy and challenges him to do better, although she also makes it clear that this authoritarian persona is somewhat of an act.

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Farthing in Kes does the same, although he is less obviously a hero. At the outset, Mrs. Wilkinson appears to be cynical and bored with her teaching she is constantly smokingand she only displays enthusiasm when presented with a potential star pupil: Her motivation is explained by her daughter Debbie as a result of sexual frustration: Like Cinderella, Billy has an absent mother, a neglectful father and an evil step-sibling although both of the latter are eventually transformed.Billy elliot essay - Cheap Academic Writing Company - We Can Write You High-Quality Essays, Term Papers, Reports and Theses For Cheap Secure Essay And Research Paper Writing and Editing Service - We Can Write You Non-Plagiarized Papers Of The Best Quality Custom Essay Writing Help - We Provide Custom Essays, Term Papers, Reports and Theses Plagiarism Free.

Billy Elliot Essay Stephen Daldry’s Billy Elliot shows the importance of both rights individual and community. It depicts the importance of being an individual, . Billy Elliot -Stephen Daldry Although Billy Elliot is an entertaining film, it has little depth and nothing to teach us.

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Billy elliot stephen daldry essay

Billy Elliot Traditional ideas about stereotypical gender roles can be challenged or supported with different characters and environments. The visual text Billy Elliot was created in and directed by Stephen Daldry.

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