Antiterrorism policy essay

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Antiterrorism policy essay

Indonesia has suffered repeated attacks from the Islamic State and other terrorist groups as its democracy struggles to stay robust.

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The last round of violence has led to proposed legislation that would broaden the crackdown on suspected terrorists. Not only will they set back human Antiterrorism policy essay in Indonesia, but they are likely to make the long-term terrorism problem worse.

While the death toll from the Kampung Melayu and Starbucks attacks has been low—with casualty rates in the single digits—Philippine military sources put the number of dead in Marawi at militants, government forces, and 45 civilians as of August 1, This news is alarming to Indonesian security officials, as Marawi is becoming a new front for Indonesian jihadists and the steady drumbeat of new small scale attacks shows that the problem cannot be ignored.

The law is expected to be up for a vote in late or early However, several of the proposed amendmentsif passed, would represent a gross overreach that could have serious consequences for Indonesian democracy, stability, and standing as a nation that respects human rights.

They could also be counterproductive. The plans might exacerbate a pre-existing problem in Indonesia—the radicalization of prisoners—by providing a steady stream of curious youths arrested for possession of literature or speeches Antiterrorism policy essay radical figures into prisons ill equipped to handle them.

In Julythe Jokowi administration issued a decree streamlining the process for banning organizations that do not adhere to the constitution and the Indonesian national ideology of Pancasila—a general set of principles including humanitarianism, social justice, unity in diversity, monotheism, and democracy via deliberation and consensus.

Antiterrorism policy essay

The combined powers of the decree and these new amendments would set up the infrastructure to allow for a broad crackdown on Islamist, paramilitary, and secessionist groups. While this might sound like a good idea, it is likely to alienate and possibly radicalize groups that currently do not utilize violence in pursuit of their goals.

Possession and Dissemination of Materials One particular area of debate is Article 13A of the proposed law. The extremely vague language on community dignity in the amendment was troubling to some on the legislative committee and, as a result, the most recent mock-up of the bill struck the dignity provision in favor of more carefully targeting writing, speech, behavior or thoughts that could incite violence.

However, this is not a settled issue and the discussion between those who favor the expansive dignity provision and those who prefer the more narrowly targeted incitement provision is still ongoing. The assumption that mere possession of writings or speeches calling for violence could lead someone to commit a crime of terrorism is belied by the reality.

In fact, many of those individuals who participated in acts of terrorism in the past in Indonesia typically underwent periods of study, vetting, indoctrination, preparation, and training before participation.

While some pro-Islamic State cells have been more expedient, indoctrinating via Telegram and, in so doing, identifying suitable people for recruitment, there is little evidence that criminalizing speech or writings will solve the problem effectively.

For example, Dian Yulia Novi, an aspiring suicide bomber charged in the foiled December attack on the presidential palace, was radicalized online while working as a maid in Taiwan through Facebook and Telegram. Since the prison system does not typically separate hardcore terrorists from their followers and the general population, it can be relatively easy for violent terrorist offenders to radicalize ordinary prisoners or individuals who to that point had been only sympathizers.

They already struggle to handle the terrorist prisoners they have. Such an upsurge in people convicted for minor offenses like possession or dissemination of materials would add further additional challenges, for it would creating an alienated community ripe for radicalization when met by real terrorists in prison, who could recruit them into actual terrorist groups.

In terrorism cases, it has been common for Indonesian authorities to employ torture during interrogation to secure cooperation. These new amendments could embolden authorities to use torture more indiscriminately, more viciously, and for longer periods of time.

A Renewed Military Role Another area of concern is Article 43B in the revised legislation, which would give the military a role in combatting terrorism alongside the police. This has been long sought by the military and long resisted by the police.

Not only is it at odds with the role of a military in a democracy as a protector against external threats, the expertise on combatting terrorism in Indonesia lies solidly with the police, particularly the police anti-terrorism team, Detachment 88 Densus Pressure for the military to take this new role is coming from the president himself.

Journalists and activists fear it could lead toward more repressive measures employed in fighting terrorism.

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Moreover, the military has little familiarity with the rules of the Indonesian judicial system, has been known for perpetuating gross human-rights abuses, and lacks the sheer corpus of knowledge regarding Indonesian terrorism that the police has been building for the past decade and a half.

Rather than embolden the military, the law would be better served by addressing shortcomings in the disengagement and deradicalization efforts by Indonesian authorities.

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This is a serious oversight. Effective aftercare is a critical component of preventing recidivism. This not only includes monitoring but also offering life-skills training and professional development programs, both in and after prison, as well as counseling to rebuild frayed family ties.

Stripping of Citizenship Another area of concern is a sentence in Article 12B that would authorize the Indonesian government to strip citizenship from Indonesians who have been involved in terrorism, paramilitary or military training, or foreign wars.WHO WE ARE.

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Anti-Americanism has increased not only across the Muslim world but also globally. The American-led war against global terrorism is regarded as a war against Islam and the Muslim world.

Ironically, polls show that many in the world now see the U.S. as arrogant, ruthless and a danger to world peace.

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Debate of Anti-Terrorism Policy NAME COURSE Introduction Recently, a debate about President Barack Obama`s Anti-Terrorism Policy emerged.

Former Vice-President of the United States, Richard Cheney, argues against the Anti-Terrorism policies made by the present President of the United States, Barack Obama (Rourke, 2). The United States can attribute the terrorist's lack of success to America's rapid policy changes and implementation of numerous antiterrorism programs.

The largest policy implemented is the Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of (USA PATRIOT Act). For almost years the counter terrorism policy of the United States has proved effective.

The use and threat of international terrorism has always been considered a foreign and domestic security threat. A discussion of the proposed National ID Card and its potential impact on the freedom and liberty that we take for granted.

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