Advantages of speaking truth

Keeping your mouth closed or telling a "white lie" may often seem the better choice in the short term. However, maintaining a policy of always telling the truth at work has its own advantages that will by far surpass the shorter path. Often, the advantages of telling the truth at work are not evident until you consider the unspoken alternative: Building Your Reputation Telling the truth at work demonstrates a commitment to integrity that is valued by employers, co-workers and customers.

Advantages of speaking truth

Those four little words comprise a powerful expression, one you've probably heard a lot this past year. Coined by the Quakers in the 's, "speaking truth to power" is certainly not a new way of taking a stand and mobilizing society around change.

In this year of uncloaked injustice and agitation, we've heard plenty of people being heralded as speaking truth to As we listen to Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel address some aspects of the tragic police-killing of Laquan McDonald; as we listen to the divisive machinations of presidential candidate Donald Trump's policies towards Muslims, Hispanics and black people; as we read Supreme Court Justice Scalia's racist ideology about black youth's intelligence; as we hear the resounding call of the National Rifle Association above the silenced cries of fallen victims; As their supporters audibly, or in their silence, lift up these professed truths despite evidence to the contrary; We are left to dissect and wonder, does "speaking truth to power" mean the same thing to everybody?

There does seem to be at least one common denominator when it comes to speaking truth in the name of advancing power - and that is courage. The courage to stand upon one's own convictions -- or maybe, as we've seen these past few weeks across the country, the courage to throw conviction out the window for personal or political expediency.

After all, in more ways than one, a conviction does not always require truth. Indeed, there's a reason the game "Two Truths and a Lie" is so popular.

Very often it's hard to tell the difference. I reached out to a few people from across the country to ask what speaking truth to power means to them.

Their responses are both insightful and inspirational. None of us has a monopoly on the truth. There is the truth, and there is the way to the truth.

We must be humble enough to accept that we only know the truth that we know, at any given point on our life's journey. But the truth that we do know, we must speak it. We must have the courage to say what we see. It may not be popular; it means taking a risk, it means standing for something.

Speaking our truths helps us imagine and create the world we want to live in, despite systems of oppression that tell us that we are not enough. Many think of the issues that matter.

Very few actually have the courage to speak the truth. But words and actions matter - used well, they compel the powerful to share their advantage for collective good. Used well, speaking truth to power changes 'me vs you' to 'us. To speak truth is to speak life in a way that informs and encourages all who seek to preserve it.

The inverse is too costly. While not all of us have the great causes of More and Dr. King we all have the obligation to speak truth to power in our lives to forces great and small - to defend the powerless, to stand for justice and to recognize the situations in which we are required to do so.

Advantages of speaking truth

What do you think it means to speak truth to power? Leave a comment or tweet me ucjadeblog. May we all speak truth to power - and give power to the truth we speak -- so that all people may hear.Share your favorite quotes.

Current quotes, historic quotes, movie quotes, song lyric quotes, game quotes, book quotes, tv quotes or just your own personal gem of wisdom. Speaking Quotes. Quotes tagged as "speaking" Showing of “Think before you speak.

Read before you think.” ― Fran Lebowitz, The Fran Lebowitz Reader. But maybe the most powerful infectious thing is the act of speaking the truth.” ― Vera Nazarian. Apr 05,  · Home» Life» The greatest advantage of speaking the TRUTH is that you don't have to remember what you said.

Tuesday, March 18, The greatest advantage of speaking the TRUTH is that you don't have to remember what you said. People who tell the truth are instinctively drawn to other honest speaking people.

Being honest can bring you better quality friends and acquaintances. I write and post 2 or 3 new articles a week. Oct 09,  · The Search for the Advantages of Speaking the Truth The personal wellness consultation session was in progress in my office.

Building Trust at Work

My client was a wealthy businessman, much married and a father of two benjaminpohle.coms: 1. Hello guys in this video i have told you the advantage of speaking truth.

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