Acquisition of spice communication by idea

It will also make a payment of approximately Rs 5, mn to the Spice Group as non-compete fee.

Acquisition of spice communication by idea

We are going to have a lot of fun, and learn some not-so-obvious lessons. It's not the ink, it's the think. An important point first. This post is not about tufte'ing your work. It is not a post about expressing your inner Excel geek with the most advanced remastered sparklines or conditional scatter plots.

Advanced, sophisticated visualizations are important. But I find that so many times people focus on the ink and not the think. Hence all the insights-free data visualizations floating around the web that are totally value-deficient, even as they are pretty.

In this post I simply want you to focus on the think and not the ink.

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What was the error in thinking? How can you ensure you never make that error? Then, go express your inner visualization beast. Bob Mankoff ] Lesson 1: Your data presentation is your brand. This graph is from an article by the consulting company McKinsey. It actually shows very interesting data. The article is a bit dry, but valuable.

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Yet, I could not get over how sloppy the graph was. For me, and perhaps for others, the sloppiness made the data appear to be an amateurish effort surprising, given the source and took away from the deservedly mighty McKinsey brand.

Can you see what the problems are? The first problem is that the title is weirdly placed. Then the y-axis legend is even more weirdly placed. The most important part seems to be to get the names of the company, gigantic, over two lines and distracting.

Finally, this is picky, but why is most of the x-axis yearly and then suddenly just until Q2, ? And if it is only two quarters of data, why is it taking up the same distance as represented by one year?

Surprisingly sloppy from McKinsey, right? Watch out for these errors. People in the room in a small room or a board room or a conference auditorium will know a lot less about the data than you will, their first impression, and often the lasting impression, might be how clean your data presentation is.

Even without access to the raw data let's say I'm a busy McKinsey blog post writeryou can make a couple of simple changes to the graph to make it cleaner and less sloppy… Clean up the title, rephrase it.

Acquisition of spice communication by idea

Move the y-axis description to the right place. Make the source attribution much smaller.


If the data is good, people will seek it out. If the data is stinky, no one cares. Either way, why make it intrusive? If I had the raw data, I would also fix the x-axis and representation of the partial data.

7 Data Presentation Tips: Think, Focus, Simplify, Calibrate, Visualize

That is still bothering me. But at least you can see what 30 seconds can do. When it comes to your work, take the 30 seconds. The data in the graph is cool, you can see my brief analysis on my LinkedIn Influencer Channel: Bring insane focus, and simplify.

Before you scroll any further, what errors, subtle or obvious, do you see?The Indian telecom players' fight for dominance intensified in with Idea Cellular, the fifth-largest mobile operator's acquisition of smaller rival Spice Communications.

Spice had remained an acquisition target for a while, with operations in two high quality circles which Idea Cellular did not have access to.

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In a stock market filing, Idea said that its board of directors at a meeting held this morning approved entering into a share purchase agreement with Mcorpglobal Communications for acquisition of ,, shares of Spice Communications, representing a per cent stake, at a price of Rs per share.

7 PROFIL OF IDEA IDEA Cellular is a publicly listed company, having listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in March IDEA Cellular is a leading GSM mobile services operator in India with over 53 million subscribers, under brand IDEA 8 A frontrunner in.

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